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Dependable and effective cable and wire harness systems play an essential role in minimising installation times, optimising space utilisation and reducing shortage risk. Therefore, it is important to invest in cable harness technology that is guaranteed to offer reliability and efficiency far into the future.

Interconnect Systems specialises in both the design and manufacture of cable and wire harness systems, and can offer a complete end to end service. We can work with you to deliver optimised cable and wire harness technology designed to ensure the best possible outcome for your defence or rail engineering project.

Fully optimised wire harness designs

 In order to meet the individual needs of your project, Interconnect Systems will produce tailored cable harness designs consisting of complete cable schematics, wiring diagrams, and parts lists. This data pack can be supplied in a variety of formats including Visio, PDF, and DXF.  

 Our highly specialised and experienced engineers will offer individualised feedback and advice prior to the commencement of manufacturing via the latest CAD software. This allows us to guarantee a wire harness design that is fully optimised for reliability and performance.

With more over 20 years of extensive engineering design and manufacturing experience, Interconnect Systems is the number one choice for cable and wire harness systems in Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, the UK, and the USA.

 The Interconnect Systems guarantee:

  •  Your enquiry will be answered within 48 hours
  • Our optimum wire harness designs offer both value for money and guaranteed performance
  • We will deliver realistic lead times, catering for accurate planning and preparation
  • All cable and wire harness products supplied by Interconnect Systems are certified with a Certificate of Conformance

 For more information, contact Interconnect Systems today by calling 1800 812 124.

Cable Harness Manufacture & Repair:

Type Manufacturing Standards Fuel Resistant LSOH Straight Multi-Leg Military Marine Aerospace Automotive Coaxial Fibre Optic
Wire Harness IPC-WHMA-A-620A X X X X X X X X    
Cable Harness IPC-WHMA-A-620A X X X X X X     X X
Laser Marked Wire CASA:CASR 21.305A         X X X      


Type Continuity Isolation Insulation Breakdown DC Resistance Propogation Delay Attenuation/insertion Loss Return Loss Length
Electrical X X DC to 18Kv/AC to 3Kv To 0.1mn        
Fibre Optic         150/EC 14763-3 ISOIEC 14763-3 150/EC 14763-3 150/EC 14763-3

Our interconnect component stocks consist of:

Type Mil Spec Commercial Composite IP Rated EMI LSOH Adhesive Lined Shapes TEFLON Coaxial Fibre Optic
Connectors X X X X X         X X
Backshells X X X X X         X X
Contacts & Termini X X               X X
Crimps & Solder Sleeves X X   X X X X     X  
Heat Shrink Products X X   X X X X X X    
Wire & Cable X X     X X     X X X
Enclosures     X X X            
Tooling X X X   X         X X


Manufacturing - Mechanical and Manufacturing Capabilities


Interconnect Systems design engineers and partners have practical manufacturing experience enabling us to design parts and assemblies for cost effective complete systems.
Using the latest in CAD and virtual prototyping technology, we can provide quick, sound engineering solutions, either for existing parts, or new designs. Our engineers provide
feedback to our customers to ensure constant improvement before manufacture commences.

Machine Tool Specifications X
Al Cu Steel Brass SS Plastics General Specified
CNC Machining Centre 4 axis, 15,000 rpm 1050 560 460 X X X X X X 0.25mm 0.05mm
CNC Machining Centre 4 axis, 12,000 rpm       X X X X X X 0.25mm 0.05mm
CNC Machining Centre 3 axis, 10,000 rpm       X X X X X X 0.25mm 0.05mm
CNC Milltum Lathe C axis, live tooling, Magazine bar feeder, 5,000 rpm 175   434 50mm 50mm 50mm   50mm 50mm 0.25mm 0.05mm
CNC Milltum Lathe C axis, live tooling, Magazine bar feeder, 5,000 rpm 100   185 41mm 41mm 41mm   41mm 41mm 0.25mm 0.05mm
Laser Cutter CO2, 4000W 2540 1270 114 10mm   19mm   16mm   0.5mm 0.1mm
Laser Cutter CO2, 120W, 30 Pocketing, Engraving 900 60 400             0.5mm 0.1mm
Turret Punch   4000 1300   8mm 8mm 8mm   8mm   0.5mm 0.1mm
Press Brake   2700   750 20mm 8mm 20mm   20mm   0.5mm 0.1mm
Premming Machine 20 inserts per minute     100             0.5mm 0.1mm
Welding MIG, TIG, Spot       20mm   20mm   20mm   0.5mm 0.1mm


Pretreatment Coatings
Abrasive Blasting AS1627.4, non metallic, abrasive Gamet!, class 2.5 Anodising Soft/Hard 251100 microns
Alodyne Mii-C-5541, Class 1 & 3a Wet Spray 25-50 microns
Phosphating AS127.6, Class B Powdercoating 50-100 microns



Interconnect Systems offers electromechanical assembly ensuring all products fit and function together as designed. Choosing Interconnect Systems means you only require 'one part number, one supplier and one solution', meaning your program is managed and delivered by interconnect Systems. The benefits of this are, quicker final assembly, fully tested before delivery, one supplier relationship.

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